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Financial advice for the best investments, mortgage & insurance adviser (broker)

For all your financial advice requirements, whether you need the best investments, want to be mortgage free faster, or need to protect yourself with the right insurance.

Milestone Direct are standing by to assist you with financial advice on a wide range of areas. This could include retirement planning, or how to grow and protect your wealth by advising on the best investment solutions to meet your needs.

You can also receive mortgage advice (commonly called engaging a mortgage broker, which is usually free), advice on property investment, and insurance advice (often referred to as using an insurance broker). Our full range of financial services will help you reach the desired milestones in your life and protect your family and assets.

As we’re not a provider of any products and aren’t owned by one – unlike some financial advice firms – rest assured that your financial adviser can implement well-considered solutions to best meet all your financial needs. You can also receive financial advice wherever you are, as we span the country to assist New Zealanders just like you.