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Milestone Direct is a licenced provider of Discretionary Investment Management Services (DIMS) and a licenced Financial Advice Provider, FSP 249805. Disclosure information is available here.

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We will assist you with the best advice to manage all your financial affairs – plan for your retirement, become mortgage-free faster, invest and manage your hard-earned funds, protect your family, or find the best way to leave a legacy for your loved ones.

We can help you make the best possible choices, unravel financial complexities, establish a comprehensive plan, and recommend solutions to help you make the most of your current circumstances and achieve a better financial future.

Financial advisor - wealth management

Investment planning & wealth management

To cut through the complexity and construct a mix of investments to suit you, it's essential you seek advice. Whether it’s KiwiSaver, investing to grow your wealth, maintaining it in retirement, passing that wealth on, or any other aspect of wealth management, we can help you reach your milestones.
Financial advice - mortgage broker

Mortgage advice: your mortgage broker

Whether you’re a first home buyer, working your way up the property ladder, or are an experienced property investor looking to refinance or add to your portfolio, nobody wants to be paying a mortgage longer than necessary. Our financial advisers can help, and in most cases it’s totally free!
Financial adviser - insurance broker

Insurance advice: your insurance broker

It’s natural to want the peace of mind that comes with a solid backup plan, just in case life throws the unexpected at you. That’s why the right insurance is essential. An insurance adviser will ensure your family and assets have the protection they need, stop you getting ripped off, and support you when you need to make a claim.