Income insurance

Protecting your most important asset

How would you pay the bills if you couldn’t work due to illness or injury? Income insurance protects your most valuable asset – your ability to earn – by guaranteeing you a regular income to cover your essential expenses. ​

  • As ACC only covers injuries from accidents, income protection cover ensures you are protected in the event of illness and injury
  • Peace of mind knowing you will have an ongoing monthly income to meet your personal and business expenses

Income protection is available for wage earners, salaried employees and self-employed individuals.

Guaranteed regular payments

In the event that you’re unable to work due to illness or injury, you’ll receive payments that continue until you’re able to return to work. Depending on your policy, payments can continue until you reach the maximum age or return to earning.

Flexible waiting periods

You choose how long you must wait before you receive a claim. The longer the wait period, the lower the premium. Depending on the insurer, you can choose from 30, 60, 90, 180, or 365 days.

How much cover do you need?

The amount that you need will depend upon your pre-disability income and your monthly expenses. We can help you calculate how much cover you need.

Expert assistance

As is the case with other policy types, the level of cover a person needs can rapidly change depending on events that are all part of life, including births, marriages, separations, increases and decreases in mortgages, increases and decreases in income, and other employment changes. These personal factors combine with the constantly improving nature of the insurance market to mean that yearly reviews of your levels of existing insurance are a necessity. Please contact us if you would like to review your current policies.

As we’re not an insurance provider and aren’t owned by one (unlike some financial advice firms) our team of Authorised Financial Advisers can access all the best insurance providers across the country to ensure you and your family’s needs are met with the right level of income protection or other cover to suit your developing needs, and that you access the best additional benefits.

So that you know our advisers (in this case commonly referred to as insurance brokers) are truly putting your interests first, our advisers are all paid a salary instead of commission. They also have no incentive to promote one product over another.

What next?

With the protection of your most important asset at stake – your income, what have you got to lose by making a phone call to check your situation? For a free, no-obligation chat with an adviser (insurance broker) about income protection cover options for you or your spouse, call 0508 MILESTONE (0508 645 378) or leave your details below.