Health insurance

Helping to protect you and your family from financial stress due to illness or injury

Health insurance is an important safety net, allowing you and your family to access the best medical care when you need it. Key benefits include:

  • Peace of mind knowing you and your family’s health will be taken care of
  • Fast access to healthcare, avoiding the waiting lists for surgery and specialist visits
  • Less time off work looking after sick family members
  • Meeting the difference if ACC won't cover all or part of the treatment
  • A quicker return to health, so you can get back to enjoying life.

Reduced waiting time

In the public system, non-urgent often means a waiting list. By being insured, you can access medical specialists, get diagnostic tests and be booked in for surgery far quicker so you can focus on recovering and getting back to work.

Choose when and where you are treated

If you needed treatment, wouldn’t it be better to be able to choose your preferred doctor and when and where treatment occurs? ​ Health insurance gives you the options you might not otherwise have access to.

Is ACC enough?

In the event of an accident, you'll usually be covered by ACC. However, it pays to keep in mind that ACC won't cover you for a variety of matters, including: illnesses, conditions relating to ageing, and emotional issues.

Include up to 100% of your medical expenses

Health insurance can meet up to 100% of your medical expenses, less any excess you elect to pay when the policy is established.

Expert assistance

As is the case with other policy types, the level of health cover a person or family needs can rapidly change depending on events that are all part of life, including births, marriages, health status, separations, increases and decreases in mortgages, increases and decreases in income, and other employment changes. These personal factors combine with the constantly improving nature of the insurance market to mean that yearly reviews of your levels of existing insurance are a necessity. Please contact us if you would like to review your current policies.

As we’re not an insurance provider and aren’t owned by one (unlike some financial advice firms) our team of Authorised Financial Advisers can access all the best insurance providers across the country to ensure you and your family’s needs are met with the right level of health or other cover to suit your developing needs, and that you access the best additional benefits.

So that you know our Authorised Financial Advisers (in this instance often called an insurance broker) are truly putting your interests first, our advisers are all paid a salary instead of commission. They also have no incentive to promote one product over another.

What next?

With your and your family’s health at stake, what have you got to lose by making a phone call to check your situation? For a free, no-obligation chat with an Authorised Financial Adviser (insurance broker) about your situation, call 0508 MILESTONE (0508 645 378) or leave your details below.