Mortgage broker

Mortgage advice

Commonly called using a mortgage broker

When it comes to finding a great mortgage, we have the know-how to help you get an impressive deal. After you reach out to us, we’ll assess your situation and provide you with professional mortgage advice on your options, how to strengthen your application, how to structure your mortgage to suit you, what traps to avoid, and how to become mortgage-free faster. You could save thousands. Best of all, in most cases there’s no cost to you because we get paid by the banks.

To take care of all your mortgage needs, call 0508 645 378 or send us a message - we'll respond within one working day.

What happens then?

So you can relax, our experienced staff will do all the hard work. We'll compare the offers from the main banks, and find you the most competitive solution. Our advisers will help you every step of the way. You can learn more by downloading our house buyer's guide, or by watching our short video:

How does it work?

Bankers work for the bank. Real estate agents work for the seller. We work for you - the home buyer. As we do this every day, we'll be able to answer all of your questions, including:

  • What mortgage can I afford?
  • What's the best bank for me?
  • Who's offering the best rates right now?
  • Fixed? Floating? Or a combination of both?
  • How much could I save?

Why use a mortgage adviser (mortgage broker)?

One of our advisers will take care of all aspects of the application process and assist you throughout. Working with mortgages every day means that our advisers have real-time knowledge of which banks prefer which types of customer and which type of deal - giving you the best possible chance of a well-tailored mortgage, including a great rate.

Competition between the banks means that, on any given day, one bank may offer to lend you tens or even hundreds of thousands more dollars than another, even in the exact same circumstances. This means you need quality people on your team to ensure you get the most suitable deal for you on any given day.

Remarkably, this is all free to you, as we will be paid by the lender. We'll also inform you about it, and as we pay our advisers a salary instead of commission, you know we're truly working in your best interests.

What next?

Depending on your situation, you can learn more at these links:

Or to learn more with a complimentary and no-obligation chat to a mortgage adviser (often called a mortgage broker), call 0508 645 378 or leave your details and query below: