Planning your 25 year holiday

Rather than planning your retirement, plan your 25-year holiday instead! This new adventure is already the reason you’ve been saving all these years, and now you’re wondering what retirement lifestyle you can afford, and how to best go about it? You may also be wondering how you’ll make your funds last.

Whether you’ve just retired, or are still five to ten years away, you’re at a critical time.

Make it easy

Facing big retirement choices? If you're facing decisions about retirement, contact us for help. Our Authorised Financial Advisers can guide you to the best solutions to sustain your retirement income.

See how you could benefit from expert advice

Even though everyone’s vision of retirement is different, anyone can successfully invest for it by following a few basic steps. Even if you've been investing successfully for decades, consider whether you might benefit from advice when you develop your retirement plan. During your retirement planning and again when you implement the plan, you'll make some very important decisions that could make or break your retirement lifestyle.

Milestone Direct: Your retirement planning financial checklist (cover)
For more detail, download our Retirement planning checklist.

How to retire

If you’re confident that you can handle retirement planning on your own, we suggest you download the free retirement planning checklist available to the right of your screen, then work through the topics below:

  1. Calculations. Calculate when you can realistically retire. Running some simple calculations will give you a good idea about where you stand – just remember to include taxes and adjust the figures each year for a reasonable rate of inflation.
  2. Medical. Cater for rising medical costs. Many of your day-to-day expenses in retirement will remain the same. One expense you'll have to increase is your medical insurance or self-insurance (setting aside funds just in case).
  3. Assistance. Understand New Zealand Superannuation and other benefits. This will reduce the amount you need from other sources.
  4. Debt. If you’re retiring before all your debt is repaid, such as a mortgage, make sure you understand all the implications and have a clear plan to pay it off.
  5. Stay on track. Natural changes in life mean that your plan will need adjustment. If you’re not retired yet, make sure you're doing everything you can to set yourself up for success.

What now?

Our Authorised Financial Advisers span the country to partner with and assist New Zealanders just like you. To book a free, no-obligation consultation with an adviser, call 0508 MILESTONE (0508 645 378) or leave your details and enquiry below. We'll respond within one weekday.