Financial planning

Financial advice plans and pricing

Whether you think you may benefit from; investment & financial planning, insurance advice, or assistance to obtain the best mortgage, it would be our pleasure to assist.

  • Not sure what your retirement will look like?
  • Deciding whether to invest in property?
  • Retiring and need to know what to do and how much you can spend each year?
  • Wondering if you're overpaying for insurance?
  • Not sure what to do after paying off the mortgage?
  • Deciding what to do with an inheritance or other sum?
Retirement planning checklist
Thinking about retiring? To assist, download our free Retirement Planning Checklist.

Then the chances are that you'll benefit significantly from financial advice. Comprehensive financial advice designed to examine all aspects of your finances is the quickest and best way to answer any question above, and achieve your financial goals.

However, we appreciate that people approach their finances in different ways, so we have designed a range of advice plans to meet different situations and financial needs.

Investors with us receive ongoing and specific advice, tailored to their individual circumstances and designed to meet their goals – helping them achieve the Milestones in their life.

One-off financial advice plan

This is a plan that requires a full analysis by an authorised financial adviser, and a comprehensive written plan developed to meet your unique needs. This can be on any number of the following topics:

  • Savings and retirement planning
  • Buying a home or investment property
  • Where and how to invest
  • How to best use a windfall, such as an inheritance
  • Access to top-tier investment options
  • Protecting yourself from the unexpected
  • A review of any existing investments & insurances
  • Managing your debt

The one-off financial plan is for people who require advice in any or all areas of their life. As we embrace technology, the likely cost is reduced to just $2,000 including GST. Part of the initial planning fee may be waived depending on the recommendations you follow.

Free mortgage advice service (commonly called using a mortgage broker)

When it comes to finding a great mortgage, we have the know-how to help you get an impressive deal. After you reach out to us, we’ll assess your situation and provide you with professional advice on your options, how to strengthen your application, how to structure your mortgage to suit you, and how to become mortgage-free faster. You could save thousands. Best of all, there’s nearly always no cost to you as Milestone Direct Ltd should receive income from the lender. Read more

Complimentary review of your existing mortgage

A complimentary mortgage review could save you thousands in interest over the life of your loan, helping you become mortgage-free years faster. It's not just about getting a better interest rate, it's also about structuring the mortgage the right way for you. Review your mortgage.

Insurance review (commonly called using an insurance broker)

This is a plan that requires a full review of your existing personal insurances by an authorised financial adviser, and a comprehensive written plan developed to meet your unique risk management needs on any number of the following areas:

  • life cover
  • income insurance
  • trauma or accident cover
  • disability or incapacitation
  • health insurance

The cost for analysing your needs, developing a plan for you, and assisting you implement it is $868 including GST. However, if the review results in any policies being enacted within three months that result in Milestone Direct Ltd receiving income from an insurer, the fee may be waived in-part, or even reduced to zero.

Property investment advice

Specialised property investment advice to secure your next investment property. This usually includes:

  • Understanding your appetite for risk
  • Analysing your goals
  • Analysing your current portfolio (if any)
  • Liaison with the lender to ensure suitable lending is established
  • Liaison with legal, real estate, and/or accounting professionals as needed to ensure your needs are met
  • Cashflow analysis on potential properties
  • Arranging property management

$250 per hour including GST.

What now?

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