Our people

Owing to the exceptional nature of Milestone Direct, we need exceptional people. One of the things that make Milestone Direct exceptional is that we're trusted as official financial advice providers to members of countrywide groups including the New Zealand Defence Force and the clergy of one of New Zealand's largest churches. This means our advisers have a nationwide travel schedule for tasks such as delivering financial advice seminars and assisting people across the country just like you.

Even though we span the country, this mobile business model relies on only one fixed office in Auckland, so keeps location-associated costs to a minimum and means that, if needed, it’s likely we can meet you in person no matter where you are across the country. We can also assist you by phone call, video-call, email, or in person at our office.

Our exceptional team of product specialists, advice managers, and client services staff are standing by to partner with you and assist you reach the milestones in your life. The team includes:

Joseph Darby

Joseph Darby

Chief Executive Officer
BA (Hist), MMgmt (Int Bus), Dip Bus, NZCFS (Financial Advice), AFA​

Joseph's strong personal ethos and standards have been ingrained during a 15 year career in the NZ Army, where he attained the rank of Major. Joseph has extensive experience in high stakes international environments. As a result, he has an intimate understanding of how to manage and mitigate risks to client's assets, livelihood, business, and family.

Joseph attended Auckland Grammar School, and after leaving Auckland at age 17 has recently moved back. Before returning he also spent several years living overseas, mostly in South Asia and the Middle East. While living in different parts of NZ and the world, Joseph has assisted a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds.

Joseph's interests include travel, health and fitness, and muscle cars.

Joseph is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA). A copy of his disclosure statement is available upon request and free of charge.

Nik Velkovski

Nik Velkovski

Wealth and Home Lending Specialist
BBS (Finance and Int Bus), NCFS 5 (Financial Advice), AFA

Prior to joining Milestone Direct, Nik was employed with ANZ Bank as a Senior Personal and Business Banker. With a career history in the retail banking sector, Nik has been able to gain an extensive range of transferable work skills that are crucial to his current role.

Nik is a mortgage and banking specialist with additional experience in personal insurance and investment products.

Nik loves spending time with his friends and family. He is passionate about health and fitness and, more than anything else, he enjoys playing football. He trains and plays five days a week and never tires of it.

Nik is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA). A copy of his disclosure statement is available upon request and free of charge.

Vinessa Orsbourn

Vinessa Orsbourn

Wealth and Risk Management Specialist
GDipBusStudies (Personal Financial Planning), NCFS 5 (Financial Advice), AFA

Vinessa is passionate about assisting clients to achieve their financial goals. This passion, combined with specialist financial qualifications and years of work and life experience, makes her eminently qualified for advising families and individuals on the most appropriate way to protect assets and build wealth.

Understanding risk and how to protect a business, family or individual from those risks, is second nature to Vinessa. As a specialist quality and risk management practitioner at Ernst and Young, she learnt how to identify risks, how to categorise those risks and how to develop and monitor solutions to reduce those risks. She has taken those skills into the financial advice industry where she can use her specialist technical skills, combined with her life skills and natural passion for people, to craft solutions that will be applicable both today and into the future. She knows that nothing stays static so is committed to ensuring that her clients receive regular financial reviews.

Vinessa is married to Graham, a cardiovascular scientist, and together they have two boys and a daughter. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading a good book, as well as sharing good food and good wine with friends.

Vinessa is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA). A copy of her disclosure statement is available upon request and free of charge.

Bonard Metahysa

Bonard Metahysa

Wealth and Risk Management Specialist
PgDipBusAdmin, NCFS 5 (Financial Advice), AFA

Bonard is a recent addition to the Milestone Direct team after spending several years at a boutique financial planning firm. Here, he was able to build excellent relationships with his clients and add value in all aspects of financial planning, with a focus on investments and wealth management.

Prior to that, Bonard worked for major banks and large financial institutions, such as Westpac and AMP. Coupled with this experience, Bonard has acquired excellent skills in understanding client needs and producing a personalised financial planning strategy, whilst having a great understanding of local markets to provide adequate solutions and help his clients achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

Bonard is passionate about making a difference in people's lives and seeing the positive impact on the work he does. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family, and enjoys keeping himself fit and healthy by playing sports and maintaining a healthy diet.

Bonard is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA). A copy of his disclosure statement is available upon request and free of charge.

Peter Coltman

Peter Coltman

Wealth and Risk Management Specialist
BCom (Marketing), GDipBusStudies (Personal Financial Planning), AFA, Certified Financial Planner, ANZIIF Associate

Peter is a financial adviser and director of Milestone Direct Limited. He has 28 years’ experience in the financial services industry, the last 17 of which have been providing comprehensive financial advice to ‘mum and dad’ clients. Peter is passionate about helping people make sound financial decisions throughout their careers and lives.

Peter is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA). A copy of his disclosure statement is available upon request and free of charge.

Client services, administrators and additional team members

The Milestone Direct adviser team are supported by a motivated group of administrative and client services staff, interns, part-time, contract, and casual staff.