About Milestone Direct

When the financial wellbeing and future of both you and your loved ones is at stake, you can’t rely on just anybody. You deserve to partner with someone exceptional.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word exceptional as: ADJECTIVE
1. Unusual; not typical.
1.1 Unusually good; outstanding.

We're a great option to partner with you and assist you on your financial journey, as we’re exceptional among the New Zealand financial services industry. Here’s why:

You first

Your needs are paramount, and it’s only by repeatedly placing the needs of people like you first that we’re trusted as the official financial advice provider to members of government organisations including the New Zealand Defence Force, and to non-government organisations such as the clergy of one of New Zealand’s largest churches. Our advisers are trained and obliged to put your interests first.


Setting us apart from nearly every significant financial advice and wealth management firm, we’re not a provider of any products (such as a KiwiSaver Scheme or insurance cover) and aren’t owned by a product provider either. This means that our advisers can evaluate your situation, goals, and all options available to you, then connect you with the best solutions to meet your needs. In other words, unlike the rest, we’re not just trying to sell you something. We can also assist you wherever you are, as we span the country to partner with New Zealanders just like you.


This is two-fold:

  • People. All our financial advisers are paid salary rather than commission. This means they’re not incentivised by commission or sales targets – so you can rest assured our advisers are on your side. This is yet another area that makes us the exception among nearly all New Zealand financial advice firms.
  • Solutions. Through us, you can access a range of ethical investment solutions.


When our advisers make investment and wealth management recommendations they protect your interests by using independent research (and when applicable, suitable portfolios) from global investment research powerhouse Morningstar, supported by local research from MyFiduciary. To ensure we maintain the highest professional standards, all practices are regularly reviewed by Strategi, the largest and leading provider of compliance services to the New Zealand financial services sector.


Our combination of: mobile, online, and office-based services means we’re highly adaptable to your needs AND can keep costs lower than anyone we know - offering you great value. Some of our services are even free to you, such as mortgage advice (commonly called mortgage broking), and with other services such as investments, retirement planning, and insurance, the initial planning fee may be waived depending on the recommendations you follow.

Whether you’re: investing and planning for your retirement, keen to repay your mortgage years faster, or looking to protect you and your family from the unexpected, we’re ready to assist. To explore whether you should join the thousands of other New Zealanders who partner with us, make contact for a free and no-obligation initial consultation.

Our core values

To ensure you can reach the best possible financial outcomes, all our team members are recruited and evaluated on the core values below.


So you fully understand every step of the way, we’ll use plain English and minimise the use of jargon. As we strive to keep things clear for you, this also means we avoid complex and expensive products, instead favouring transparent and economical investment, lending, and insurance solutions.


Because our purpose is to help you make the most of your money, it’s essential that we provide a service that does just that. This means that more is left in your pocket to achieve your milestones, whatever they may be.


Like any journey, good communication is essential to help you find your way. We recognise that people are always on the move, so we’ve embraced technology to stay in touch wherever you are.


So you know we place your interests first, none of our financial advisers receives a commission. If Milestone Direct receives any fees or commissions because of you following any recommendations, these will be fully disclosed to you in writing, along with any potential conflicts of interest – in the unlikely event there are any.

Part of this includes approach also means that if you have a free consultation with us and we feel you wouldn’t benefit from proceeding with any further assistance, we’ll openly let you know.

Our remaining values were originally inspired by the New Zealand Defence Force, one of the larger groups whose members we assist with financial matters.


Trusting us means knowing we’ll tell you what you need to know, even if the message may be an unpleasant one. We also have the conviction to stand by our principles.


Partnering with us on the journey towards your financial milestones relies on our commitment for the long-haul. We’re committed to will delivering accurate, timely, and professional advice - without excuses!


Understanding your needs, goals, appetite for risk, and current means is the critical first step of the relationship. Once this is established, we’ll look after one another, understanding that more can be achieved by working as a team than as individuals.


You can rely on us to be true to our word – if we weren’t, we wouldn’t have the relationships we do.

Milestone Direct's Vision

“Evolving towards excellence with courage, commitment, camaraderie and integrity.”

Milestone Direct's Mission

“To guide New Zealanders successfully on their journey through the milestones in their life.”